Pat Pattison on Melodic Rhythm, Lyric Rhythm and Stressed Notes

I can't find you now,
you're hiding in a big raincloud.

These two lines are dissected in this three part video series where Pat Pattison makes observations on the melody and rhythm, helping to focus attention on the words that carry the most meaning, resulting in clear improvements to the song.

In the first video he points out why melodic and rhythmic accentuations are important and how to pay attention to the natural flow of language to improve the flow of the song.

The entire playlist is full of similarly valuable examples.

"If you can't say it like that, you can't sing it like that."
"It's really hard to see the stars when you're living in the city."
"'Into' is the most mis-said word in songwriting."
"Preserve the natural shape of the language."

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